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The competence center for marine energy is located at Runde Miljøsenter, on bird island Runde. You are welcome to experience nature, gain knowledge about the sea, garden energy, ecosystem and environmentally friendly technology.

Runde Environmental Centre
Runde Environmental Centre is an international environmental research station, a dissemination center and one meeting place for courses, seminars and conferences. The official opening was in October 2009. The center is in a peaceful and highly vulnerable natural area, and has the foremost before environmental technology. The main focus of the first drawings is focus on environmentally friendly building materials, energy efficiency, water conservation and reuse of own waste and wastewater.

Where there’s ocean energy…
The Opportunities Center for Marine Energy is located at Runde Miljøsenter because we are close to the sea and can experience large boats just outside the windsurge. Several different companies have had, or are in the process of planning, testing of wave power plants at Runde. On days of big waves it is easy to see that here is the big effort in turn.

At Runde Miljøsenter there are researches before marine biology, oceanography and conjunctions between different ecosystems in the sea and on land. The skilled professionals gladly share their interdisciplinary knowledge with visiting.

Exhibitions about Ocean Energy
During the next years, a comprehensive information and experience center will be built at Runde Miljøsenter. Here there are exhibitions about marine energy, the Round Tax and the Akerendam shipwreck, about bird and birdwatching, coastal culture, ecosystem and soft meir.

We collaborate with professional exhibition designers and model builders to create unique, unique exhibitions. Keep track of progress on our webpages.

Modern facilities
Round Environmental Center succeeded in a completely special building, which is designed and built with an environment in mind from the first stretch of paper. In the building there is used short-lived material, it is facilitated for environmentally friendly heating. There is surveillance of indoor climate, and environmentally friendly furniture and interior in accordance with the “Cradle 2 Cradle” philosophy.

In the main building we have a cafe, meeting room and auditorium with room for over 100 people. At the center there are also eight modern leilegheiter with a total of 40 beds that we rent. We specialize in facilitating conferences and seminars, where good dining experiences, unique nature and fresh air can be combined with professional additions and information about the research at the center.