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– We have applied across half Europe to find the right location for our wave power plant. And we found what we were looking for outside the round, “explains Ulf Lindelöf, daily leader.

The last test facility was in operation outside the round of February 2016. Until today it has been exposed to soft hard weather, like hurricane and three storms. But the plant has survived.

– At first, this was the most important thing for us, and see that even the units can survive harsh conservation. The only problem we experienced was threatsheets on one component that had more power than we knew. This was done and the power plant was set to. June 2, the units for power generation were installed and bend produced stream.

Future of wave energy
In combination with other energy polls, Waves 4 Power thinks that the wave power plant will provide other aquaculture plants with clean energy.

– We look at more needs that the aquaculture industry has. Rein energy and energy storage, oxygen and not least freshwater for use in decommissioning.

– Maybe the energy of energy will replace diesel power and could supply the fish farm with more pure energy, they speculate.