W4P – A Success

Demonstration at Runde: https://www.waves4power.com/demo-runde/

-We searched across half of Europe to find the right site for our wave energy plant. And we found it just outside Runde, states general manager of Waves4Power Ulf Lindelöf.

The latest prototype have been deployed outside Runde since February of 2016. It has faced rough weather conditions, with several  severe storms, one exceeding Beaufort 12, but the plant survived it all.

-Initially our primary focus was to demonstrate that the plant itself could handle rough weather conditions. The only problem we experienced were metal fatigue damage to a component that experienced stronger forces than expected. This was remedied, and the power plant was redeployed. June 2nd 2017 also saw the separate transformer buoy installed, and the wave plant delivering power to the grid.

The future of wave energy
Combined with other energy sources, Waves4 Power believes their wave energy plant can supply among other things aquaculture installations with clean energy.

-We are looking into several needs of the fish farming industry. Clean energy and energy storage, oxygen supply, and not least fresh water supply used for delousing.

-Perhaps wave energy can replace diesel generators and supply fish farms with more than just clean energy, they speculate.


New ideas from W4P to utilize  wave power