New UN-report about the ocean

(22 January 2016)
The UN today launched the comprehensive report First World Ocean Assessment, which deals with the status of maritime and marine activity in Verdshava, and the correlation with resources, etc.

Runde Miljøsenter has been involved in the work on the report.

The work of over 50 sub-chapters has a very long time, grounded bureaucracy. Many countries have had a word in the team, including those without coastline, Lars Golmen wins. Even if the perspective is global, I believe that the report will also be of interest to people and workmates in Møre og Romsdal, which has an eye on the sea, he says.

After the quarter, the Center will take the initiative to present and discuss relevant parts of the content, taking into account ringing in both the knowledge and the business community in the region.

You can read the report here.